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Hanna with Ruben, the Green-Wing Macaw, owned by client, J.Wolfe.Having a hard time trying to find someone to care for your five foot green iguana while you're on a holiday or busy with work and family? Do people shudder when you approach them about caring for your ten foot boa constrictor while you're gone? Do your children at home have feathers and voices that can be heard throughout the neighbourhood, and when you ask your friends and neighbors to look in on them they're afraid of their beaks and can't tolerate the noise?

WELL -- you've found the right petsitter!

EmuThe Bird Nanny (whose real name is Hanna) offers expert care for exotic birds including all psittacines and softbills, domestic fowl (geese, ducks, chickens, guinea fowl, quail, pheasants, et. al.), reptiles, amphibians, arachnids and insects. I will care for your pets according to your specifications and needs. I felt there was a niche to be filled regarding petsitting for the more exotic pet varieties, because many petsitters who primarily deal with dogs or cats do not feel comfortable with feathered and scaley charges. My pet care service concentrates exclusively on these types of animals insuring to you that my expertise is for them specifically.

My qualifications for handling these types of animals include having worked for years with a bird trainer back on the East Coast. I also keep my own birds and reptiles. I feel comfortable working around exotic animals since I have volunteered as a zoo keeper's assistant at the Los Angeles Zoo. I am a current member of the Southwestern Herpetologists Society and a member in good stead with the West Valley Bird Society and the professional organization, Petsitters Associates, LLC. I have Hornbill eating from a plateserviced birdbreeders with complete multiple bird and aviary set-ups doing feeding, watering, cleaning, checking nestboxes and health conditions of birds. I have experience caring for sick and infirmed reptiles working as a volunteer for the Reptile And Amphibian Rescue Network (RARN). I have experience medicating both birds and reptiles and therefore feel at ease if it is necessary to administer any medical treatment to your pet.

For your peace of mind, I am licensed and insured. I can readily offer referencesMonitor Lizard upon request from satisfied clientele and repeat customers. A twenty-four hour notice is required for short order requests. More advanced notice for booking service is certainly appreciated so I may arrange my schedule to meet your needs. Boarding is available on a limited basis since I do not have the space to accommodate for it exclusively. Booking well in advance for boarding is highly recommended.

Day Visit: Rate starts at $20 dependent upon travel time and distance. This includes feeding, watering, cage cleaning, playtime and social interaction. Special requests such as meds and showers Ratsnakecan also be included. For reptiles and amphibians: fresh food and water, cleaning substrate of waste matter, checking environmental conditions of animal (temperature, humidity, etc.) and exercise if needed.

Overnight Stay: $60 (From 7:00PM to 7:00AM). During that time all requests from petowner will be completed.

Boarding: $15 per day. Special rates available for cage/enclosure complete clean-outs and disinfecting. Please inquire regarding these rates. Consultations also available on care and environmental suggestions for your special pets. Mail collection and plant watering are also included.

Hanna with Jocko, the African Gray and Rex, the Blue-Fronted Amazon. Both birds owned by client, J.WolfeService Exceptions: I do not care for venomous reptiles or raptors. The care for these animals requires special licenses and permits within the State of California and because of their nature, I consider them to be too much of a liability. No mammalian care, other than feeder rodents that may be present on the petowner's premises. My business philosophy is based on as keepers of exotic pets, we know that they are special animals with unique needs in captivity. My purpose is to help you fulfill these special needs and therefore contribute to their health and happiness. Even a pet green iguana needs love and care.

For further information and bookings, please call me at the phone number listed or eMail me. Thanks . . . Hanna Strauss: "The Bird Nanny"

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